Earful Recording is not a recording studio. The world is the studio! Earful Recording offers high quality on-site recording for all music genres, specializing in recording services for orchestras, symphonies, choral groups, pipe organs, instrumental and vocal ensembles and other classical performances. Utilizing two methods of live-to-2track and multi-track recording technology at every recording event, Earful Recording offers you the ability to tailor the final product to your needs and budget. Earful Recording utilizes a Decca Tree array for microphone placement as well as other microphone placement techniques, to ensure that your recording is of the highest quality. The equipment used by Earful Recording combines the most modern technology with tried and true benefits of the Decca Tree. Using a combination of matched Schoeps reference microphones and tube microphones, depending upon the character of the performance, provides a warm, highly-accurate rich sound that captures your recording as it is heard in the room. Utilizing the live to two-track recording methods, Earful Recording provides you with a reference CD at the event, allowing you to review the recorded product immediately. The multi-track and live to two-track recordings are archived, should you desire that either of these products be mixed and mastered by Earful Mastering. Click here for more information on the SoundField Array.